Certify anything without risk

Blockfier is the most innovative Saas for certification, using Bitcoin for the time stamping, Blockstream satellites for the network infrastructure and IPFS for the distribution

The best choice for distributed certification

A no-custody risk decentralized application, letting you issue any kind of asset focused on non crypto experts

Free-risk forever

Blockfier uses IPFS to distribute your file all over the world

Decentralized custody

Nobody owns your file, and everyone owns it. No risky points

Public verification

Anyone can verify the ownership on the Bitcoin network

Simple & easy-to-use

Blockfier can be used for anyone, not only crypto experts

How it works?

For users: Register, generate & certify your digital assets. Easy, cheap and fast.

1. Sign up in Blockfier

Create your account in Blockfier and complete your profile.

2. Issue your asset

Generate your digital asset and upload it to the IPFS network.

3. Claim for your asset

Apostille your asset through the most powerful blockchain infrastructure and prove it through QR validation.

Real use cases to certify with Blockfier

Titles, Degrees & Doctoral Thesis

Assure the authenticity of your doctoral thesis and avoid future copy attempts. Certify your works, official certificates or any value title you want to assure and prove to others

Cap tables & Equity structures

Too many stakeholders in your company? Different internal agreements, stock levels and legal operations? Manage & control every step in a single, easy and secure way

Supply chain, IoT and Operations

Measure and certify any kind of data or process in a supply chain, provided not only by humans but also by machines. Improve your quality level in an automatized way
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